Let's Talk About Dreams Project It Girl

So we all know that dreams are a sort of movie that plays in our heads while we’re sleeping. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re bad, and sometimes they’re just downright weird. Rachael personally has had a lot of strange dreams in her 19 years of life, so let's talk about them, how you can influence your own dreams, and chat a little about the bizarre year that has been 2020. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/projectitgirl/message
  1. Let's Talk About Dreams
  2. Romanticize Your Life
  3. Your First Crush Says A Lot About You
  4. How Many Times Can You Glow Up?
  5. Self Love Is Really Hard

Hot Girl Summer Workout Playlist

Hi loves! I thought I would make a playlist article of songs that always get me in the mood to move around, workout, and generally just be good to my body. I think this playlist has something for everybody and will help you discover some amazing songs and artists so enjoy! 🙂 make sure to…Continue reading »

m u s i n g s | pt. one

Hi loves! Today I was writing and I thought I would share a little part of the short story that I’m working on! It’s really about reflection, love, and people in general so I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 what does it mean to love someone? the word is used too frequently, too meaninglessly to…Continue reading »

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